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To book, click on the Panel date you would like from the list or click on the relevant blue button below; you will then be taken to the automated online booking system:-

Devon (Exeter):                           26th April 2018

Devon (Exeter):                           4th May 2018


Bath & Bristol (Bath):                 17th May 2018


Somerset (Taunton)                    24th May 2018


Swindon:                                     31st May 2018


Plymouth:                                   7th June 2018


Devon (Exeter):                           15th June 2018


Bath & Bristol (Bath):                  5th July 2018


Swindon:                                    11th July 2018


Somerset (Taunton)                    12th July 2018


Devon (Exeter):                           23rd August 2018


Plymouth:                                   30th August 2018


Swindon:                                      6th September 2018


Bath & Bristol (Bath):                  13th September 2018


Somerset (Taunton)                     20th September 2018


Plymouth:                                   27th September 2018


Devon (Exeter):                           18th October 2018


Swindon:                                     25th October 2018


Bath & Bristol (Bath):                  8th November 2018


Somerset (Taunton)                     15th November 2018


Swindon:                                     6th December 2018


Devon (Exeter):                           13th December 2018

To book a Swindon Design Review Panel session please visit:


The pre-set Design Review Panel dates for 2018 are listed opposite, along with the location for each session. For the specific location address please click here...

If you require a different date that is not on the list opposite, ad-hoc sessions can be booked by special arrangement, please email: or telephone 01395 265768.

A remote Desktop Review service is also available at any time. To book a desktop review please click on the blue button below.

  • 1.5 hour Sessions can be booked on any of the avilable dates, a minimum of 14 days in advance with payment. 

  • Bookings are confirmed upon receipt of cleared funds payment, and payments received are non refundable.
  • Information to be reviewed by the panel is to be provided to the Design Review Panel using the 'Upload Files' button below, no later than 10 days in advance of the booked session date. 


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