Book a Desktop Design Review Panel Session  

To book one or more Desktop Design Review Panel Sessions please use the online booking system in the yellow box below... 

A remote desktop review can be provided, allowing smaller schemes, and schemes that require review outside of the pre set available dates, to also benefit from a design review consultation. 

  • An agreed level of digital information would be provided to the panel administrator/chair by the person requesting the review/making the booking.
  • Payment is to be made at the time of booking and can be made online via credit card, Paypal or BACS and is to be received at the time of booking in order to provisionally book a session. If payment is to be made by BACS please contact Design Review Ltd for provision of the relevant account details.
  • The submitted information will be reviewed with feedback provided within a further 14 working days.
  • No meeting will be provided – Panel members will be briefed by the Panel administrator and liaise over the telephone and via email. The Panel chair/administrator will coordinate all feedback and prepare the Panel’s formal feedback, to be provided to the person making the booking in a digital document via email. 

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